Ten Essential Things to Do When You Visit Mozambique

Things to Do - MozambiqueThings to Do - Mozambique
Things to Do - MozambiqueThings to Do - Mozambique

Ten Essential Things to Do When You Visit Mozambique

Mozambique is a country recovering from a long and bloody civil war. As such, those who wish to visit it should take all necessary precautions to ensure safety. In turn, this will foster the traveler's enjoyment of Mozambique's natural beauty and rustic lifestyle.

1.) Bazaruto Archipelago

Located some 30 kilometers off the coast from Vilanculos, this group of four islands is in the middle of a national park established in 1971. It is an excellent spot for all sorts of water activities. Dive and explore its rich marine wildlife or grab a reel and go for some championship fly fishing in the surf. Transportation to and from the Bazaruto islands is through boat or aircraft.

2.) Inhambane

Established in 1534 by Portuguese traders, Inhambane has crystal-clear waters and gorgeous reefs. It is known as a mecca for divers and fishermen. It is also an important port destination for sea travelers and is the site of a yearly dhow race, held every November, which is very popular and attracts large groups of onlookers.

3.) Vilanculos

This town serves as the layover point for those wishing to get to the Bazaruto group of islands. Relax and soak up some rays on the beaches while here. Or you could take a tour by dhow of the vicinity or try your hand at deep-sea fishing.

4.) Maputo

The capital of Mozambique, formerly known as Lourenco Marques and Delagoa Bay, is extensively developed to cater to tourists with many hotels and restaurants. Take a stroll along the wide, tree-lined avenues and wander among the historic buildings. Sample the nightlife or take a boat tour of the region.

5.) Inhaca Island

Reached via ferry from Maputo harbor, Inhaca is home to a museum which chronicles the maritime history of the area. Visitors can also see its historic lighthouse. Accommodation is also available at the local hotel.

6.) Maputo Elephant Reserve

South of the capital is this conservancy park, which occupies some 200,000 hectares and is rapidly being developed and improved. Comprising both rolling hillsides and seashore vistas, this park gives tourists the chance to watch a variety of African wildlife. Check out the over 200 elephants living here or any of the other denizens such as crocodiles, antelopes, and hippos.

7.) Ponta do Ouro

The Point of Gold is the most southerly of all resorts in Mozambique, only 15 kilometers from the border. One can go diving here with a remarkable variety of marine life and even swim with dolphins (under strict rules). The surrounding countryside is also ideal for those who wish to bike, hike, or drive cross-country.

8.) Beira

Capital of Sofala province and the second-largest city in Mozambique, Beira is the terminus of a rail line and also boasts an airport. One can bask in the sun and go swimming at Macuti beach with many isolated white-sand beaches to be found just outside the city. North along the highway is Gorongosa National Park, which is under renovation but can still be accessed by the adventurous.

9.) Pemba

This city is the capital of the province of Cabo Del Gado. One can go souvenir-hunting in its many traditional marketplaces and find all sorts of things for sale, including traditional art by the indigenous Makonde people. Just outside of Pemba is Praia de Wimbe, a well-known and frequented resort, and it offers coral reef diving activities as well as incredible white-sand beaches.

10.) Querimba Archipelago

Those longing to explore unspoiled scenery can't go wrong by visiting this chain of 32 little islands off the cost from Pemba. To get there one must arrange transportation as the area remains undeveloped. The reward is some of the most beautiful island scenery to be found anywhere in the world.

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Things to Do - Mozambique